Menstrual Panties FAQs

Yes, thanks to the triple layer cottons, these period panties don't let any drop escape so what are you waiting for?
Yes, the materials use its super soft and light weight, wearing Viagebra panties you will feel free !
Yes, whether you have low, medium, or hyper abundant flow, she will resist that.

How many should you buy on average?

Buying about 3-4 is more than enough for periods of blood loss.
So the girls let me introduce the brand new Viagebra® Menstrual panties with a brand new design that respects your privacy, your health, and they are of superior quality compared to walking and are OEKO-certifiedTEX, which means that it is anti- leakage, anti- stain, antibacterial, anti-humidity,leaves no smell and above all does not cause allergy, we have made it super comfortable thanks to its ultra touching cotton fabric, this pant absorbs all the flows whether it is low or very abundant and eliminates very quickly the moisture on the surfaceAnd finished the changes of hygienic protection every 3 hours thanks to the Viagebra® Menstrual panty, you can wear it for 12H of time, finally we found what we were looking for, no need to think about it, at school,at work and you will finally be able to sleep like a baby without worrying about anything and washes ultra quickly, you just have to rinse it with warm water and put in the washing machine.
Yes, we have negotiated a blow of fast delivery at a discounted price, take advantage of it !
Yes, the strong point of these period panties is that they can be reused billions of times, but after 1 year we advise you to buy new ones.
We have at your disposal a size guide on the product page. Take your waist size and not your hips then find your size on the table.
Elastic Waist Band! A high performance elasticity that was designed for us women.