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Extra reinforcing bra

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The best support against sagging breasts due to wrong bras, UV rays and posture

We all want full, firm breasts. However, the truth is that 92% of women suffer from sagging breasts sooner or later.

Exposure to the sun combined with wearing the wrong bra makes summer one of the main causes of sagging breasts.

This manifests itself in a loss of volume and sagging of the breasts, much to the chagrin of most women. It is not for nothing that sagging breasts are the greatest insecurity in women.

The Extra Reinforcement Bra™ is the solution to this uncomfortable, common problem. From now on you have a perfectly fitting bra with good support. This restores and improves the firmness of your breasts, making them rounder and fuller.

A good fit is very important (especially for women with sagging breasts). If you don't have this, you can get a lot of back, shoulder and neck problems. That's why the Extra Reinforcement Bra™ includes a firm push-up effect. The pads support the breasts and keep them in place. Also in sports.


The breathable material ensures that it does not feel wet when it rains or sweats. In addition, the elastic material adapts perfectly to your body. Because the Extra-Reinforcement Bra™ has no underwire, seams, or tight-fitting straps, you won't be bothered to wear it and you won't get chafing. It couldn't be more comfortable!

✔️Improves Breast Shape - The unique composition of materials makes the Extra-Enhancing Bra™ the perfect solution to overhanging breasts caused by improper bras, UV rays and posture.

✔️No Underwires, Seams, and Tight Straps - The Extra Reinforced Bra™ has no underwires, seams, and tight straps. This ensures that the bra fits comfortably and does not cause painful friction points.

✔️Stable Posture - The Extra-Reinforcement Bra™ ensures that your breasts, back, shoulders and neck are supported. The strong elastic material and pads lift the breasts and keep them in place.

✔️Push-up - The Extra-Reinforcement Bra™ creates a natural push-up effect so the breasts don't sag. In this way, the bra ensures that your back, shoulders and neck do not suffer.

✔️Soft and Comfortable - The breathable material of the Extra Reinforcement Bra™ is soft and comfortable. You will not feel any discomfort while wearing it. Not even in summer.

✔️No Visible Back Fat - Due to the wide support band, the back fat is not visible.

Please note: we recommend ordering one size larger than your normal size.
Due to supply, there is currently a high demand for our Extra Reinforcement Bra™ which will soon be sold out. As soon as the article is sold out, the purchase price increases again to 90 euros.

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